Choi Seung Yoon was born in 1984 and studied in Seoul national university of science and technology, as well as fine art.

Seung Yoon had started drawing from a young age, this left him little thought regarding other paths or careers to follow through. Through his paintings, he tries to express his view on the fundamental power of this world. Seung Yoon likes to explore opposing forces such as expiration and inspiration, men and women, contraction and dilation of the heart, and more.

Choi Seung Yoon 최승윤

Choi Seung Yoon 出生于1984年,曾就读于首尔国立科技大学美术系。

Seung-Yoon 从小就开始画画,这让他几乎没有考虑过其他的道路或职业。通过他的绘画,他试图表达他对这个世界的基本力量的看法。 他喜欢探索呼气和吸气、男人和女人、心脏收缩和扩张等相反的力量。

Choi Seung-Yoon은 1984년생으로 서울과학기술대학교에서 미술을 전공했다.

Seung-Yoon 은 어렸을 때부터 그림을 그리기 시작했고, 그로 인해 다른 길이나 직업에 대해 거의 생각하지 않았습니다. 그의 그림을 통해 그는 이 세상의 근본적인 힘에 대한 자신의 견해를 표현하려고 합니다. 승윤은 날숨과 들숨, 남자와 여자, 심장의 수축과 팽창 등과 같은 반대되는 힘을 탐구하는 것을 좋아합니다.

Solo exhibition

2023 Cross-section of Start / / Gallery Silver Shell (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 Perspective of Acceleration / Leesangsook Gallery(Daegu, South Korea)

2022 A boy in Woods / Printbakery Hannam(Seoul, South Korea)

2022 Message / Gallery H(Seoul, South Korea)

2022 Beginning of the stop / Gallery Silver Shell (Tokyo, Japan)

2021 Side seat of Wind / Gallery Godo(Daegue, South Korea)

2021 Silence Curve / Artbit gallery(Seoul, South Korea)

2020 Plastic blue / Sono art Gallery(Seoul, South Korea)

2020 The Aleph of Paradox / Gallery JJ (Seoul, South Korea)

2019 DRAW / L-gallery(Seoul, South Korea)

2019 3 / Artspace H(Seoul, Sough Korea)2019 Dream of the man / Jongro-tower lobby(with Publc gallery, Seoul,South Korea)

2019 Our Boundaries / Gallery Jeeum(Seoul, South Korea)

2018 101 Individualities / Sono art(Seoul, South Korea)

2018 Diving over the water / Gallery white birch(Seoul, South Korea)

2018 Width of line / Art space H(Seoul, South Korea)

2018 I wanna live / JY art gallery(Seoul, South Korea)

2017 Cross-section of the Luxury / Karas Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)

2017 Cross-section of the deep / Gallery White Birch(Seoul, South Korea)

2017 Cross-section of the blue / gallery sagye(Daegu, South Korea)

2017 Cross-section of the moment / resh art hall(Bundang, South Korea)

2016 The flow of the moment / gallery sagye(Daegu, South Korea)

2016 You looks like me / Port 1902(Busan, South Korea)

2016 Move / micafeto(Seoul, South Korea)

2016 Nonchalantly / Artspace H(Seoul, South Korea)

2016 The sadness is beautiful / Artion(Seoul, South Korea)

2016 Beginning of the stop / serene gallery(Busan, South Korea)

2016 The Universe / Gallery tom(Seoul, South Korea)

2016 Temperature of the Blue / Gallery Daon(Seoul, South Korea)

2015 Risingfall / Artspace J cube_1(Bundang, South Korea)

2015 Beginning of the stop / GS gallery(Seoul, South Korea)

2015 Trintas / bangbae church(Seoul, South Korea)

2015 Firewater / gallery Tom(Seoul, South Korea)

2014 3-Party encounter / Feeling store(Seoul, South Korea)2014 Beginning of the stop / Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art(Gwangju, Gyonggido, South Korea)

2013 Perfect flat / Leeha gallery(Daejeon, South Korea)

2013 It’s real / cafe theatre(Gwangju, Gyonggido, South Korea)

2012 ‘Completion of departure’ / NH gallery(Goyang, South Korea)

2011 'Choi Seung-yoon solo exhibition' / Song's gallery(Seoul, South Korea)

Team exhibition


Phyto-Garden / Gallery Sein

Choosang dyun / Collast

Two customer / Seloarts

I'll be your umbrella(with Jungeun Jo) / Artspace H

Fashion with Art / Art continue

Happy wish / Collast

Love dot(with Jungeun Jo) / Gallery Daon

Korean Group Show / Gallery Joyana (France)


Young generation / Gallery ilho

Time to Greet / ADM Gallery

Fundamental / LINA Gallery

Let’s Hope! / Gallery ArtfieldDo art / 168 Art square

Synasty of Paradox / Gallery Samjung

Art in daily / ADM Gallery

Youngeun Museum 20th anniversary / Youngeun Museum

Summer Present / Gallery Mare

Lucky Draw / Artrie Gallery

4 Artist’ stories / Gallery Beeum

Hope – Ask to Art / Gallery Now


Art N Life / Artcent Hanjeon

Project Zebra / Art space Bom

Blosson / Gallery Ilho

Heart 36.5 / Gallery Aurum

Summer Travel to Gallery / Superior Gallery

Grand palais Revelation Biennale / Paris, France

Milano Design Week Milano 'ARTMINING-MILANO 2019'/ Palazzo Litta, Milanom Italy

'The midnight' / Google, Sanfrancisco, USA

Start and First / Diasomi Gallery


Aurora 2018 / Sono art

Small Gifts / Gallery Doo

Art Mining 2018 / DDP

Blue in you / Gallery DooRest&Spring / Gallery Artivita

A Change of mind / JY art gallery

Evertthing under the Sun / Gallery Toast


Good bye 2017 Happy new year 2018 / Gallery White Birch

Painters outside the palace / All me art space

Colorful ColorFur / Hundai Department Bucheon

From the three artists / JY art gallery

Decisive moment / Vivian Choi Gallery

Start of Memory / Gallery Gaia

Art fair Preview / Gallery White birch

Summer refresh / Hidden M gallery

Tomorrow Aritst / Gyeomjae jungsun Art museum

~ing / G tower gallery

Inner sense / gallery ilho

Blue flower / gallery JJ

New collection / Youngyeun museum

samsamhan samwolen / gallery GL

Insa salon / misulsegye gallery

The cool / gallery the grace

Finding preasure / gallery grimson


Happy gift / artspce H

Chuntaemansang / gaeery sagyeYap / kiss gallery

Gold residency / Gunpo culture center

Art Pocket / 640 art gallery

Gallery GL Open / Gallery GL

Summer blue / IFC mall


Yap open / emok gallery

Yap hashtag / gallery daon

Inner sense / gallery ilho

Young artist power / gallery ilho

Water-flower / Cafe tolix(7pictures)


The Beautiful gift / United gallery

YAP Daewoong young artist / Daewoong art space

Another space / gallery ilho

Brilliant youth / Mods gallery

new artists 2nd/Uijeongbuartscenter

Pleasant start / heesoo gallery

Next-K art / gaga gallery

YAP Post-it / gallery daon

young artist / gagagallery

YAP write / j-bug

YAP write / jevi-flower cafedamcoart / kbs gallery

write / alpha gallery

gaga contemporary art / gagagallery

sixsense / gallery Ilho

Young artist / United gallery

YAP RETURNS / Vollekanne gallery

YAP RELOAD / gallery Ilho


Light / jevi-flower cafe

Yap year-end / gallery pop

Love&Thank you / minari house

Seoul Design Spot / kimreea gallery

Atropalce / Hyundai department

gangdong young eyes / gangdong art center

Contemporary art tends to read / ami museum

MAKESHOP TOP10 / makeshop art space

YAP harvest / chungmu art hall

Loyalty / Put on downwind sails

Morag Morag / Ilho gallery

Young artist / gallery catholic

YAP2014 Great gift / moonam gallery

YAP2014 The 1st / chungmu art hall

Space support project / united gallery2013

one more / mooshin museum

Young artist / gallery catholic

Let’s Hang: Whatever you can carry / space O’newwall

Gwanghwamun international art festival / Sejong art center

sophia art company / gallery AW

artmartket / gallery Jung

NEW THINGKING NEW ART / leeseoul gallery

Young & young artist project 3rd / youngeun museum of contemporary art

500,000won / Hongyunartcenter


Gallery zum tema exhibition

‘Great minor of seoul city' / UNOFFICIAL PREVIEW

2010 ‘Graduation exhibition of excellent works’ / Gallery young

2009 ‘Good luck to' / Dokwon gallery

2008 Young-deng-po station permanent exhibition

'Young artist 4' / Art center soonsoo



Daegu art fair / EXCO, Daegu

The affordable online Art fair 2020

KIAF Seoul onlinePINK art fair / Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel, Seoul

PLAS 2020 / COEX, Seoul

BAMA / BEXCO , Busan

Galleries Art Fair / COEX,, Seoul


Affordable Art Fair Singapore / F1 pit building, Singapore

Daegu art fair / EXCO

Breeze art fair / Nodle Island, Seoul

Art expo Malaysia 2019 / MECC Kular Lumpur

Art Gwangju / KDJ Center

AHAF Seoul / Grand Intercontinetal hotel

Gyeongnam art fair / CECO

Daegu hotel art fair / Laonzena hotel, Daegu.


Affordable art fair Hong Kong / Hongkong convention

Palazzo Litta, Milano 'ARTMINING-MILANO 2019'/ Milano,Italy



Seoul Art Show / COEX, Seoul

Mapo Art Market / Mapo Library, Seoul

Daegu Art Fair / EXCO, Daegu

Art Gwangju 2018 / KDJ Center


Asia Contemporary Art Show / Hongkong Conrad

Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul / Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel

GIAF 2018 / CECO, Changwon

PLAS 2018 / COEX, SeoulBAMA 2018 / BEXCO, Busan

Art Busan / BEXCO, Busan

Habour art fair / Hongkong Marcopolo Hotel

Korea Galleries art fair / COEX, Seoul


Affordable art fair Hamburg / Hamburg Messe

SCAF2017 / Lotte Hotel Myongdong

Shanghai art fair / Shanghai World Expo

White table art fair / Blue square Nemo

Asia Contemporary art show H.K / Conrad Hetel HK

Asia Hotel art fair Seoul / COEX Intercontinental Hotel


Daegu hotel art fair / Novetel daegu

Art Gyoenju / HICO

Korea galleries art fair / COEX

Pink art fair / Intercontinental seoul hotel coex


Reissue korea art fair / SJ

Healing art fair / COEX

Affordable art fair Seoul / DDP

Art Gwnagju 2016 / Asia culture center

COAF / Busan International Passenger Terminal

Art Busan / Bexco

SOAF 2016 / COEX

Affordable art fair Hong Kong / Hongkong conventionJeju cosmopolitan art fair / Jeju Shilla stay hotel


Seoul art show / COEX

Affordable art fair singapore / Singapore F1 pit building

Affordable art fair Battersea / London

The other art fair / London

The other art fair / Sydney

Affordable art fair Seoul / DDP

COAF / welihilipark

Affordable art fair Hampstead / London

Affordable art fair Hong Kong / Hongkong convention


Art gyeongju / HICO

The other art fair / U.K

Affordable art fair singapore / Singapore F1 pit building


Asia contemporary art fair / conrad hotel hongkong

Artrooms / meila white hotel(UK, London)


blanc blue hotel art fair / grand ambassador hotel seoul

majoongmul art market / kimreea gallery

breeze art fair / blue square nemo

2013jung art market 3rd/galleryjung

jung art market 1th / gallery jung


2016 Gold line residence

2013~2014 Youngeun residence


2022 ‘KLEIO HANSAE’ coaboration with Hansae

2021 Kolon 'Series Warm heart campaign' collaboration

2020 10 In-Demand Works on Artsy, November 2020

2020 2020/2021 inaugural Artist with Chamber Music OC(USA)

2020 Naver Drawing concert

2019 SAMSUNG QLED TV collaboration

2018 “IQOS” Philip Moris Korea

2017 Samsung TV 'The Frame' collaboration

2017 Merk 2017 Callender

2017 Hyundai vip card

2016 Saatchi art collection